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Topic: Call for Nominations for our Board of Directors, Jean Piaget Society
Posted by: Chris Lalonde
Date/Time: 2014-9-21 07:04:51

Dear Colleagues:
In conformity with past practices and current bylaws, the Jean Piaget Society Nominations
Committee requests your assistance in identifying persons who might serve as future members
of our Board of Directors.
Some context: Each year, 5 members rotate off our 15-person Board and are replaced by a new
cohort chosen in ways meant to insure that the group is reasonably balanced with respect to
areas of research interest and other demographic considerations.
The following is a list of current Board members in the 2012?015 cohort who will be rotating off
the Board as of June 2015:
^ Ayelet Lahat
^ Ulrich Mueller
^ Katherine Nelson
^ Larry Nucci
^ Susan Rivera
These are the continuing current members of the Board:
^ Teresa Blicharski
^ Mark Bickhard
^ Carol Lee
^ Judith Smetana
^ David Witherington
^ Eric Amsel
^ William Arsenio
^ Jan Boom
^ Abel Hernandez Ulloa
^ Cecilia Wainryb
The Nominations Committee is charged with the responsibility of insuring sufficient continuity in
the governance of the Society to guarantee its viability, and of identifying persons who have
been active in the Society, or who are scholars in areas of special concern to the Society.
Previous members of the Board can be re-nominated after a hiatus of one year. Therefore,
those in the 2012?015 cohort are not eligible for this round of nominations.
As a way of accomplishing these purposes we actively seek your advice and suggestions. If you
would like to recommend one or more persons for possible inclusion in the 2015?018 Board,
please forward your suggestions by September 30, 2014 to us at:
^ nucci@berkeley.edu and zelazo@umn.edu
For each nomination, please make sure to state why you favor your nominee and comment
briefly on the nominees scholarly contributions.
Best regards,
Larry Nucci and Phil Zelazo
Co-Chairs, JPS Nominations Committee

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